Naturally, there are many questions surrounding hemp oil, its origins and its uses when you are considering using it. Below are five frequently asked questions about cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp oil.

1. Is CBD oil illegal?

No. CBD derived from hemp is legal in the United States because the FDA considers cannabinoids are originating from hemp it to be food-based products. However, it is illegal to grow hemp in most states. The states that do allow the harvest of hemp only permit it for commercial or research purposes. Because of this, most hemp oil products in the U.S. are imported from other countries where hemp cultivation is legal.

2. Will I get high from CBD oil?

CBD and Hemp Oil cannabis molecule FAQs buy hemp oil cbd oilNo. CBD is not psychoactive, which means it cannot alter a user’s mental state. Therefore, consuming CBD oil does not make you high.

Cannabis plants, like hemp and marijuana, contain varying levels of CBD and THC. Because marijuana does get users high, people mistakenly believe hemp can do the same. However, marijuana contains high levels of THC, which is the chemical compound responsible for the mind-altering side effect the plant produces, and lower levels of CBD. Hemp, on the other hand, contains higher levels of CBD and little to no levels of THC.

3. How much CBD oil should I use?

This depends on the purity of the product and your body’s reaction to it. Try starting with one drop of hemp oil once or twice a day and increase from there. If you have never taken a dosage of hemp oil before, we recommend you consult with your physician to ensure safe usage.

4. What is a “tincture”?

A tincture helps keep hemp oil in usable liquid form. It does this with the help of a solvent, such as alcohol. Without a tincture, hemp oil would be thick and sticky, which would make it difficult to dispense and use. Tinctures are derived from plant extracts, making them safe to mix with hemp oil without compromising the hemp’s benefits.

5. Is the FDA shutting down CBD companies?

No, not necessarily. A CBD company will face repercussions from the FDA if it falsely claims that the product can treat or prevent diseases. It is illegal to make such claims because the FDA has not approved CBD and other cannabinoids for medical usage. Hemp oil should thus be regarded as a dietary supplement rather than a medication.

Because the medical benefits of CBD have not been established, users are encouraged to do their own research about the product and talk to their doctor about any concerns before using.