Dr. John’s Remedies has become a trusted name in the hemp oil market. The company was founded by Louisiana-based physician Dr. Thomas K. Bond, and his long-time friend, attorney, and businessman Jonathan Andry.

Fueled by a passion for helping those who suffer from debilitating health conditions, the pair partnered to bring a new high-quality, organic hemp oil to the market. Dr. John’s difference is rooted in purity and potency, the two most essential characteristics of any true, therapeutic CBD enriched Hemp Oil.

Dr. John’s pure organic Hemp Oil is derived from a certified organic hemp farm in Colorado, which produces genetically superior strains of hemp that have been developed to produce high-potency, high-quality Hemp Oil.

No chemicals or pesticides are used in any part of the cultivation process. Dr. John’s uses a proprietary lipid extraction and infusion process that maintains the oil’s therapeutic properties. Once the oil is extracted, every batch is tested both in-house and through a third party lab.

Since the release of Dr. John’s Remedies pure organic Hemp Oil, demand has skyrocketed. New proprietary hemp oil-infused supplements are currently being developed to assist more individuals with pervasive health issues, including opioid addiction.

We also recently launched our hemp oil products for pets! Dr. John’s Remedies pure organic Hemp Oil has gained notable popularity among athletes who suffer from pain and various inflammatory conditions. It was even exclusively featured in the ESPY Awards gift bag suite in 2017.


jonathan andry dr. john's hemp oil CBD

“I have represented accident victims my entire career, which began in 1991 after I received my master’s degree from Tulane Law School. My son’s epilepsy led to my discovery of hemp oil and its amazing health benefits. I recently formed a partnership with a physician to market and sell Dr. John’s Pure Organic Hemp Oil, in hopes of making a positive difference in the lives of individuals who suffer from these types of conditions.”

Jonathan Andry

Dr. Thomas Bond MD Medical Officer Dr. John's Hemp Oil CBD About Us

“Cannabinoids – specifically Cannabidiol or CBD in particular – have been shown to have an incredible safety profile while simultaneously exhibiting a near non-existent unwanted side-effect profile. This combination makes CBD a very interesting molecule with big potential. From an efficacy standpoint, although still awaiting very large clinical trials, CBD has shown promise in multiple research studies for various clinical conditions. Anecdotally, I have treated dozens of patients with positive results. I am highly encouraged with the results we’re seeing in patients taking CBD and continue to recommend it in selected patients.”

Thomas K. Bond, MD, MS
Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder