The Dr. John’s Difference

What makes Dr. John’s Remedies superior to other Hemp Oils on the market?

The Dr. John’s Difference is our CBD enriched Hemp Oil is made up of three parts that separate our products from the rest.
1. Rare Strains of CBD rich Hemp. 2. Proprietary Lipid Infusion Process 3. Consistent Quality Testing.
Learn more about the differences with Dr. John’s CBD Hemp Oil.


Dr. John’s Remedies CBD enriched Hemp Oil begins with very rare strains of the hemp plant. These plants yield high levels of CBD and phytonutrients while keeping THC levels down to 0.3% or less. On a farm in Pueblo, Colorado, the hemp is grown and nurtured to maturity using organic and sustainable practices. It is crucial to the quality and purity of the CBD oil that the hemp plants are not treated with chemicals or pesticides. Nestled between mountains and bordered by two mountain-fed tributaries, it’s a unique ecosystem that’s ideal for growing high-quality hemp.


Most companies “extract” the CBD from the hemp. It’s not uncommon for producers to use solvents that bind to the CBD molecules and drip them out, or blast the hemp with CO2 gas to force it out. Both have downsides – either contaminating the oil or compromising its integrity. We use a far superior method called lipid infusion.

Using just the right combination of pressure, heat, and time, we add a ‘carrier’ of coconut oil or MCT to the raw hemp and allow it to gently become infused with the phytonutrients. It’s a bit like the way olive oil is infused with garlic or other herbs to give it flavor. Over time, the CBD and terpenes make their way into the carrier, infusing it with all their goodness. Then, after we’ve infused the carrier with the CBD we immediately infuse it again. That makes sure we have every last molecule of goodness to maximize the entourage effect.


The first of many third-party quality checks that our pure organic hemp oil goes through is carried out at the farm in Colorado. Before the hemp is harvested and sent off to a lab, it’s tested by the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) to ensure that the THC levels are 0.3% or less and that there are no contaminants (mold, pesticides or other chemicals) lurking in the plants. Once the CDA gives the green light, it’s harvested and sent off to the lab to make CBD enriched hemp oil.

The concentrated oil is then tested for potency by a third-party lab before being diluted with more MCT or coconut oil to the required CBD dosage amount. Once it’s at the required dilution, we send it off for testing again.

When the lab results are back, it’s time for the hemp oil to be processed into capsules or tinctures. The capsules are filled using the pipettes and the tincture jars are filled with exactly the right amount of pure organic hemp oil.


Quality and purity are so important that our organic hemp oil is sent – yes, again – for another potency and quality check with a third-party lab. It’s only after that, that it is sold to you. If you lost count, that’s no fewer than four independent quality tests, ensuring that it is the most pure CBD enriched hemp oil you can get. We even work to follow current good manufacturing processes (cGMP) that ensure our quality is consistent.

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