Every day, our bodies encounter toxins. From the foods we eat to the air we breathe, harmful toxins find their way into our bodies. Although our bodies are well-equipped to dispose of toxins through various systems, studies have shown that the rate of toxicity we’re exposed to today, with higher levels of processed food intake and pollution, is too much for our bodies to keep up with on their own. This is why detoxification diets are becoming more and more popular.

Detox diets typically involve consuming certain foods, like raw vegetables and fruits, that help the body flush out those toxins. Routinely consuming foods and other substances that can help your body detox ensure your gut and digestive system are well-balanced, which fuels healthy functioning of other physiological systems. Furthermore, regular detox can help people feel more energized and less stressed. A popular way to detox is by using cannabidiol, or CBD, hemp oil.

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD hemp oil is derived from hemp plants and reacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors through the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system maintains the body’s homeostasis by regulating other systems in the body, like the nervous system and digestive system. By using CBD hemp oil, you are equipping your body with more CBD to interact with the cannabinoid receptors, which stimulates the endocannabinoid system into high gear. Because CBD hemp oil can regulate both your physiological and mental functions, it helps you through your detox in a number of ways:


It gets your vital organs working effectively for detox.

If you’re going to detox, your organs need to perform at their best. Since cannabinoid receptors are present in almost every vital organ, including your gut and brain, taking CBD oil can ensure these organs are working efficiently to release toxins. Your gut does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to digesting and releasing toxins, and with the help of CBD oil, it can function at a higher efficiency level. A well-functioning brain can ensure you’re not experiencing mood swings, sleep deprivation, or anxiety while your body is working to flush out toxins. Furthermore, CBD can ensure your kidneys are flushing out the toxins the way they’re supposed to by enhancing their functionality.

It serves as an anti-inflammatory.

With all of the toxins present in your body, it is easy for inflammation to occur in your bowels. If the inflammation goes untreated, then your body ends up working harder to reduce the inflammation. This keeps it from focusing on detoxing. Your body can’t effectively release toxins if there’s inflammation, so it’s important to address that issue first. CBD oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can make sure your body has the means to focus on detoxifying.